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Cory Booker picked up his second endorsement from an Iowa state representative, the only 2020 Demcoratic presidential candidate to get any endorsements from sitting members of the Iowa Legislature so far.

Booker picks up 2nd Iowa legislative endorsement

Two Iowa legislators have picked sides in race for president and both are for Booker

By David Wildstein, April 22 2019 10:05 am

Cory Booker won his second Iowa legislative endorsement today, picking up the backing of State Rep. Jennifer Konfrst (D-Windsor Heights).

Konfrst represents a Republican-leaning district in the Western Des Moines suburbs who came within 536 votes of ousting Iowa House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow in 2016.  Hagenow moved to another district in 2018 to avoid a rematch with Konfrst, who flipped a district the GOP had held since the 1970s.

“Cory is exactly what our country needs right now,” Konfrst said in a video message.  “He has the perfect mix of heart and fight, and he has policy positions that will lift our country up and unite us as a nation.”

So far, only two Iowa legislators have endorsed in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and Booker has both.  State Rep. Amy Nielsen (D-North Liberty) endorsed Booker earlier this year.

Konfrst teaches a strategic political communication course at Drake University.  She spent 20 years working in public relations for Iowa public television.

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