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Booker is 96% of the way to $1.7 million after 8.5 days

New Jersey Senator has reached 165k donor treshhold

By David Wildstein, September 29 2019 3:46 pm

It looks like Cory Booker has raised enough money to remain a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Booker has raised $1,632,850 as of 3 PM today, just $67,150 short of their $1.7 million fundraising goal with 33 hours remaining in the month.

The campaign took a huge gamble last week by announcing that Booker would likely drop his bid for the presidency if he couldn’t raise the money needed to scale up the operation  four month before the Iowa Caucus.

The U.S. Senator from New Jersey has also added more contributors – enough to meet the debate qualifications set last week by the Democratic National Committee.

“We’ve crossed the threshold to make the November debate — 165,000 unique donors,” deputy campaign manager Jenna Lowenstein announced on Twitter this morning.

Booker raised $253,232 since Saturday morning.

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