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U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey campaigns in Iowa over Memorial Day Weekend 2019. Photo courtesy of the Booker campaign.

Booker gains more Iowa activist backers

State Rep. Kenan Judge endorses NJ Senator for president

By David Wildstein, July 01 2019 7:04 pm

State Rep. Kenan Judge, who won a seat in the Iowa Legislature last year after campaigning on a platform of bi-partisanship and civility, has endorsed Cory Booker for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Booker has also won the backing of three prominent Iowa Democratic activists: Nancy Bobo, an early supporter of Barack Obama in 2008; and Carolyn and John Klaus.  John Klaus is an Ames precinct co-chair.

“After listening to Cory’s call for bipartisanship and detailed policy proposals during the first Democratic debate, it was clear to me that he is the leader we need to restore a sense of civility in our nation,” said Judge. “Cory’s executive experience, ability to work across the aisle, and courage to take on some of our nation’s toughest challenges make him uniquely qualified to serve as President, and I am proud to join the campaign.”

Booker also added more than 30 other Iowa Democratic activists to the Iowa for Cory Steering Committee.

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