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New Jerseyans Jon Bon Jovi, left, and Cory Booker campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Bon Jovi trying to boost Booker fundraising

Rocker emails donors to help fellow New Jerseyan

By David Wildstein, September 28 2019 4:12 pm

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is trying to help Cory Booker reach his fundraising goal for September, sending out an online appeal on Saturday to boost his coffers in advance of a September 30 deadline for the New Jersey senator to raise $1.7 million or be forced to end his presidential bid.

“He’s someone who has spent his entire career bringing people together to take on our biggest challenges,” Bon Jovi said.  “This is a serious moment in our nation’s history. We’re deeply divided in a way we haven’t been in a long time.”

Bon Jovi called Booker “the right leader for this moment.”

“I think Cory Booker is a great man who would do an amazing job in the White House,” said Bon Jovi.  “I’m lucky to call him a friend, and all of us would be lucky to call him our president.”

Booker took a high-risk gamble last Saturday, saying that if he doesn’t reach his end-of-the-month fundraising goal, he won’t have a path to the Democratic nomination for president.

Bon Jovi hosted a high-dollar fundraiser at his East Hampton home for Booker in August.

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