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Star-Ledger Editorial Page Editor Tom Moran. (Photo: YouTube.)

Opinion: I’m not afraid of Tom Moran or the Star-Ledger’s ‘poor man’s Mastro report’

By David Wildstein, April 05 2021 12:01 am


I’m not afraid of Tom Moran.  His bullying doesn’t frighten me – I’ve dealt with bigger bullies than him – and I’m unimpressed by the Star-Ledger’s internal investigation which is really nothing more than a poor man’s Mastro report.

This is another example of journalists who hold themselves to a different standard from those they report on.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

For people who follow New Jersey, consider this question: if Moran became aware of law enforcement incident reports and allegations that a public official or a candidate had put his hands on a woman, would he have written the story?

If the Governor of New Jersey had weighed in and castigated that official and called for an investigation, might Moran had reported that?

Would Moran have been so quick to call a woman a liar if the identical allegations weren’t made against him? Does he typically applaud those who attack victims?

The New Jersey Globe’s coverage of the Moran incident was appropriate.  We used only on-the-record statements from law enforcement incident reports filed at the time, and comments from the Prosecutor’s Office, the Governor, a former Acting U.S. Marshal, and from Moran and his boss. No opinions, no judgments — just both sides of the story.

Would the Star-Ledger have been so even-handed?

There appears to be a widespread blackout of news related to journalism in New Jersey.  Gannett and the Star-Ledger did not report on a misogynistic, anti-Semitic caption that appeared in the Asbury Park Press last month, or on attempts by some journalists to unionize.  The same stories, had they applied to another New Jersey-based company, would have made headlines on their websites.

The wagon circlers undermine the credibility of the free press and Moran ought not cloak himself in hypocrisy. Would any of them stand for anything less than a thorough and independent investigation?

Moran really does need to spend a little quality time with his mirror as he seeks to impede other journalists from the news by obfuscating with information engineered to support his narrative.

I know I’m an easy target – it’s not like I’ve lived a perfect life – but perhaps Tom Moran might want to learn how much more respectable it is when you acknowledge your own flaws.

David Wildstein is the editor of the New Jersey Globe.

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