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Former Burlington County Freeholder Director Kate Gibbs. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Kate Gibbs: Response to the Star-Ledger

By Kate Gibbs, October 18 2021 12:32 pm


Not at all shocking that The Star Ledger got a story about women in the GOP wrong.

Yes we have a problem with women – both parties do – but there is reason for hope.

Diane Allen and her selection as the LG candidate is reason enough for hope.

I also mentioned, though the articles fails to , that 2 of the 3 senior staffers on Jack’s campaign, Political Director Brittany Wheeler and Comms Director Stami Williams , are tremendously talented women who have significant impact on the campaign and the party.

In LD8 and LD2 – the most competitive legislative campaign districts in the state this year- we have incredible female candidates in Jean Stanfield And Claire Swift.

While the writer interviewed people with different perspectives about why they want to see a change, the article clearly omitted the work these women and others are doing to forge a path forward and to help to re-elect and elect women on November 2nd.

I spoke to Adam for almost an hour about the future and what we need to do to move forward and how to fix wrongs like Betty Lou DeCroce and others.

And they did exactly what Richter and his accomplices did – took my entire my career and perspective as an operative, elected official and candidate for federal office and boiled it down to the mistakes I made in college.

He took my quotes and my personal experiences out of context – completely ignored anything positive I had to say about the party and the men and women who defended and supported me and gave me opportunities- in fact I mentioned that men like my mentors and bosses among others like Bob Hugin have been some of my most ardent supporters. It is inaccurate and unfair to paint all men in the GOP with such a broad brush , especially in light of the free-passes granted to the Democrats on team Murphy from the press.

Clearly The Star Ledger had an agenda – to paint the NJ GOP as anti-woman 2 weeks before a big election with the Gubernatorial race and full legislature up for election.

Of course the other women included in this story should be celebrated and both parties do still have much work to do on this critical issue; but without providing the proper context or pointing out how many republicans are working together to include more women in key positions is simply unacceptable and misses the point.

Kate Gibbs is a former Burlington County Freeholder Director.

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