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Corey McDonald

Jersey Journal reporter Corey McDonald jumps to Hudson County View

After more than 150 years, the Hudson County-based daily newspaper is largely catatonic

By David Wildstein, August 23 2019 3:31 pm

Corey McDonald, arguably the number one reporter for the Jersey Journal, said today that he was leaving the once dominant daily newspaper to join John Heinis at the Hudson County View.

The Hudson County View has increasingly become the top source of local news in Hudson County. Heinis is now the senior political reporter in the county.

The Jersey Journal, around since just after the Civil War, was purchased in 1945 by Advance Media, the owner of the Star-Ledger.

With the untimely passing of the legendary Peter Weiss in 2003 and the retirements of icons Augie Torres and Joseph Albright, the paper has struggled in recent years.  Their fortunes took a huge hit earlier this year when Terrence McDonald left to join The (Bergen) Record.

The Journal is not replacing McDonald and McDonald with experienced journalists, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

The Hudson Reporter, which operates eight weekly newspapers in Hudson County, slashed their reporting staff by 60% in July.

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