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Toms River Councilman Mo Hill

With Gilmore gone, Hill wants his share of old campaign account

Gilmore ordered freeze of $100k warchest set up for Hill, others

By David Wildstein, April 25 2019 10:53 am

Mo Hill wants George Gilmore’s replacement to unfreeze more than $100,000 in campaign funds sitting in an account that bears his name.

A four-term councilman, Hill is seeking the Republican nomination for mayor of Toms River, challenging the organization-endorsed candidate in the June 4 primary.

Hill says that Gilmore froze a joint campaign account with three other incumbents not seeking re-election this year – mayor Thomas Kelaher and councilmen George Wittman and Brian Kubiel – that has $103,330 cash-on-hand.

He wants his share of campaign funds raised on his behalf.

“It is time for the Ocean County Republican Party to turn the page on over 23 years of control by the Gilmore regime, “said Hill, a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral.  “Mr. Gilmore’s forced resignation is an opportunity for us to let the people of Ocean County know that our Party is led by men and women of character who are committed to working for the best interests of our citizens and taxpayers and not for special interests.”

Barbara Lanuto is now the acting county chair and will hold that post until a special election is held sometime within the next 90 days.

Hill wants Lanuto “as a show of good faith and a new day in the Ocean County GOP” to reverse Gilmore’s decision to block Hill from any benefit from his own campaign account.

The Ocean County Republican organization is backing Joseph Coronato, a former county prosecutor, for mayor.  Councilman Dan Rodrick is also seeking the nomination.

“The Republican Primary in Toms River on June 4th is an opportunity to send a message to all Ocean County voters that the County GOP has corrected course,” said Hill. “We can do that by rejecting Mr. Gilmore’s hand-picked slate of candidates for Toms River Mayor and Council and voting for the Toms River We The People slate, the only team that has demonstrated leadership and dedicated service to community and country.”

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