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Windish, charged with bribery, also reprimanded by ELEC

Ex-Mount Arlington Councilman was 777 days late in filing 2018 campaign finance report

By David Wildstein, August 05 2020 10:37 am

Former Mount Arlington Councilman, John Windish. (Photo: New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety)

Former Mount Arlington Councilman John Windish, who faces state bribery charges, was reprimanded by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for filing his 2018 primary election reports 777 days late.

Windish was not fined after ELEC determined that no funds were spent on the primary.  A ten-year veteran of the council, Windish lost the Republican primary by 78 votes to rival Robert Sorge.

The commission, in a decision filed today, said it considered that Windish was dealing with a serious illness at the time the reports should have been filed.

The state Attorney General charged Windish with bribery last December, alleging that he took an envelope with $7,000 in cash from a cooperating witness, now identified as then-borough attorney Matthew O’Donnell.  Prosecutors say that Windish took the money in exchange for a commitment that he would vote to reappoint O’Donnell to his local post.

The final report filed by Windish attest that his spending did not exceed $5,100, that he received no contribution of more than $300, and that he incurred no single expense greater than $1,600.

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