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Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes and First Lady Melania Trump

Wildes likely to run for mayor

Huttle retirement opens door for comeback

By David Wildstein, March 14 2018 5:40 pm

Michael Wildes is moving quickly to enter the race for Mayor of Englewood — a job he held from 2004 to 2010 — following the announcement that Mayor Frank Huttle won’t seek re-election to a third term.

Sources say that Huttle wants Englewood Democratic Municipal Chairman Philip Meisner, a longtime ally, to succeed him.

This could be an expensive primary: Wildes is a prodigious fundraiser who has had $767,000 in a federal campaign account for the last fourteen years, just in case Steve Rothman decided to run for statewide office.  There had been speculation last year that Wildes would challenge Rep. Bill Pascrell in the 2018 Democratic primary.

Meisner could inherit the Huttle fundraising network that comes from the DeCotiis law firm, and has his own contacts as a senior executive at Hudson Capital Properties and Hudson Media.

Wildes, an immigration attorney and former federal prosecutor, was a councilman from 1998 until 2004 when he defeated State Sen. Byron Baer at a party screening committee to replace Paul Fader.  Fader left to become counsel to Gov. Jim McGreevey.

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