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Washington Township Democratic Municipal Chairman Christopher MIlam. (Photo: Christopher Milam).

Washington Township Dems pick new chairman

By David Wildstein, February 21 2023 10:30 pm

Less than four months after Democrats lost control of the Washington Township Council, and with potentially competitive legislative and county races coming up in November, Democrats in the largest municipality in Gloucester County have changed party leaders.

Longtime Democratic municipal chairman Frank Cianci has stepped down, and Christopher Milam has replaced him.

Milam spent five years as the party chairman In Monroe before moving to Washington.

“For me it is always about community. My grandfather, who was Mayor of Monroe Township in 1968, instilled a deep Democratic Pride in me throughout my life. He taught me to never lose sight of your local community,” said Milam.  “I chose Washington Township because I wanted to be here.”

Milam is also the vice chairman of the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

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