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Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss. (Photo courtesy of Facebook).

Vauss, council incumbents win in a landslide in Irvington

Former councilman Paul Inman had sought revenge after Vauss ousted him in 2020

By Joey Fox, May 10 2022 9:59 pm

The New Jersey Globe projects that Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss and his slate of incumbent councilwomen have dramatically won re-election over a rival slate led by former Councilman Paul Inman.

Vauss beat Inman by a colossal 81-19% margin; the incumbent mayor got 3,457 votes to his challenger’s 822.

Councilwomen Renee Burgess, October Hudley, and Charnette Frederic all won by equally dominant margins. They each got around 25% of the vote, while Inman running mates Yasmina King, Allison Morris, and Darrell Watford got 9%, 8%, and 8%, respectively.

Vauss first won the mayoralty in 2014, ousting incumbent Mayor Wayne Smith; Inman ran that year as well, finishing in seventh. In 2016, Vauss added his former rival to his council slate for the East Ward, where Inman won unopposed.

But the goodwill between the two politicians was not to last. After years of dealing with an apparently bogus claim of sexual assault from a former township employee – a claim that was eventually thrown out in court – Vauss learned that Inman had encouraged the employee to go public with her allegations. 

Vauss booted Inman from his slate, and the councilman went on to lose to Vauss’ preferred candidate, now-Councilman Sean Evans. Inman’s revenge-fueled campaign this year never really took off, and Vauss’ victory does not come as a surprise.

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