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Linden Mayor Derek Armstead

Mayor’s office faxed Democratic letter to judge

By David Wildstein, May 02 2019 9:22 pm

The president of the Linden 8th Ward Democratic Club is telling a Superior Court Judge that the winner of the Democratic primary should immediately be sworn in to fill a seat that’s been vacant since January,

A letter from Daniel Yamakaitis — on Democratic Club letterhead — was faxed to Judge Katherine Regan Dupuis from Mayor Derek Armstead City Hall office.   That’s likely to result in some kind of ethics complaint, and a civics lecture to Yamakaitis — and possibly to Dupuis as well — that the Democratic Club has no legal authority to appoint anyone to public office.  

The 8th ward seat has been vacant since January 1, when Michele Yamakaitis, Daniel’s mother, resigned to become the council president.  

Linden Democrats have picked Paul Coates to fill the seat, but the Armstead-led council refused to seat him.  Despite the precedent of a process that’s been in place for decades, Dupuis appears in no rush to make a ruling.

Yamakaitis to Dupuis

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