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Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride

Trenton council president uses ‘Jew her down’ slur in meeting

Gusciora calls Kathy McBride comments ‘offensive’

By David Wildstein, September 13 2019 6:00 pm

Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride said that a lawyer representing the city in a personal injury claim was “able to wait her out and Jew her down” to settle the case at a lower amount during an executive session of the City Council on September 5, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

McBride refused to comment on her statements when reached by the New Jersey Globe.

“I am not at privilege to speak about anything at executive session per the law that governs executive sessions,” McBride said.  “It was an executive session and by the law I am not privy to speak on that per the law.”

Asked if she has made derogatory remarks about Jews outside of closed-door city council meetings, McBride said she would not comment on “hypotheticals.”

In an e-mail obtained by the Globe, Mayor Reed Gusciora rebuked McBride for her comments.

“As the Mayor of this City that encompasses diverse communities of racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, I find this to be offensive,” Gusciora wrote.  “This anti-Semitic remark, particularly about an attorney in our law department who happens to be Jewish, should have no place in our public discourse.  I hope that after some reflection you would apologize for these remarks.”

The council president declined an opportunity to walk back her comments, instead refusing to break the cone of silence around executive sessions.

“This is a violation,” McBride said.

McBride is the third public official to use an anti-Semitic slur in the last few weeks.

One Tuesday, Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson accused a developer of trying to “Jew us down” on a major redevelopment project.    Jeffrey Dye was fired from his job at the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development last month – and forced out of his post as Passaic NAACP president – after a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments became public.

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15 thoughts on “Trenton council president uses ‘Jew her down’ slur in meeting

  1. This was an inappropriate expression, one that shows her ignorance. I am sure as a woman of color she would be offended if someone referred to a bad job as “ni***r rigged “, which is a common expression but most people know better. Just say we waited a bit and HAGGLED them down. Admit you were being stupid and insensitive, and lets move on. A person in that position should know better.

    1. Yea that was pretty reckless…she should have saved that for her golf buddies…an believe me in one form or another most Blacks have encountered the “N” word from non Blacks since like u say is common expression I assume in ur world certainly not mine…I personally think folks should find a more civilized and sophistacated way to express their petty minds…

    2. LM has it right. She should be ashamed of herself. As an attorney that negotiates and as a Jew I find those remarks both offensive and hurtful.

  2. Wow that was unprofessional of her…btw I missed ur story on one of Trenton’s top cops and his comment about the City being a plantation or him being an overseer. Where can I find your piece on that?…I’m a fan of your balanced news!

    1. Mr. Shaftan, I am Jewish and a lifelong Democrat, I love Israel, and I take exception to your comments. McBride’s use of an Antisemitic trope is ignorant, bigoted, and unacceptable. Such bigotry, however, is unfortunately not confined to Democrats. There is plenty of bigotry among Republicans. I despise Trump DESPITE his support of Israel, because he is a lying, corrupt, amoral, racist, misogynistic demagogue.

      1. Also Jewish, also a democratic and 100% agree with you.
        This type of bigotry is not confined to Democratics, and not even most prevalent among them as opposed to others.
        There are plenty of reasons to hate trump besides his pandering to his base with support of Israel.

  3. An apology is worthless, she should be fired immediately. How does an idiot like this get to be council president? She is an embarrassment to herself, her family and all of Trenton.

  4. I cant see why this was made public and what the problem is. That is just a figure of speech. Why are we worried about one simple comment when we have an IDIOT running our country calling women, black people, Jews, Mexicans and mostlt people of color or as you all call us ,”Minorities ” all kinds of names and degrading humans of all race; allowing people of color to be shot down by police officers just because of their color and you are worried about a simple comment. Get a life. Ms. Kirkbride, pay them no attention and you should sue them for slandering your good name. RIDICULOUS.

    1. Sheila, I’m in the ‘minority” category. I’m a LEGAL immigrant. Trump has NEVER done what you state–but how could you know–as the media is so biased. They’ve done an effective job on you and half the country! BTW -I’ve listened to Trump’s EVERY word from his own mouth. I follow what he’s achieved. I follow FACTS–or I should say “search them out”.Your first statement shows that your own bigotry is just fine. Believe me–and I’ve LIVED what is today bound to be repeated–if YOU still don’t know how offensive that statement is. How do you like “N***r rich”? Is that OK too?

  5. I hope there will be repercussions Shame on the THREE public officials who have felt free to use anti-Semitic comments. This “expression” is a form of hate speech.

  6. Many Black women are anti-Semitic.They are virulent against Trump –generally (the men are making better strides and are walking away from the Party). I don’t think they are even aware–or obviously not reflective–on this subject. They need to understand the statement is equal to “N****r-rich”. That should reach some cognition.

  7. Just because you hear something used often doesn’t make it an appropriate expression. I’m disgusted that this woman used such a phrase and then others tried to defend it as if it is just commonplace, casual language. Shame on them. Why are there no consequences for her poor choices?

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