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New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Tittel attacks Fahl after Lambertville mayor announces she won’t seek second term

Fahl says NJ Sierra Club director has a vendetta against her, threatens harassment charges

By Nikita Biryukov, January 15 2021 4:03 pm

New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel jabbed Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl after learning of her decision to not seek a second term, claiming she did so because her policies lacked support in the Democratic mecca of about 3,900.

“Mayor Fahl has decided not to run for reelection because her policies were unpopular with the members of our community,” he said. “Her push for building a $14 million City Hall Complex in the middle of a floodplain and selling off the current City Hall, police station, and Library was especially controversial.”

The environmentalist attacked Fahl, a lobbyist at Tonio Burgos, over a natural gas pipeline project running through the small Hunterdon County city.

“Mayor Fahl did nothing to stop the Lambertville East Project in West Amwell that is supposed to take gas from the PennEast pipeline and distribute it locally to PSE&G and Elizabethtown Gas, which is owned by SJI. She also allowed Enbridge Spectra, a partner in PennEast, to hang up a welcome sign in Lambertville last year,” Tittel said. “SJI wants to use PennEast gas to build a pipeline through the middle of the Pinelands, a project that former governors Florio, Whitman, Byrne, and Kean have all opposed.”

South Jersey Industries and PSE&G were both clients of Fahl’s, lobbying disclosures show

The mayor said Tittel’s attacks were rooted in a personal dislike of her.

“This has nothing to do with the Sierra Club. This has nothing to do with Sierra Club interests. This is someone who has a personal vendetta against me and is using his organization as a tool to bludgeon me with. And also, it’s not true,” she said, referring to his claims about her decision to not seek re-election.

Earlier this week, Fahl told the New Jersey her decision to not seek a second term after ousting 27-year incumbent Mayor David Delvecchio, was made to spend more time focusing on her family, marriage and personal endeavors.

She’s considering charges against Tittel over an alleged harassment campaign he ran against her this year.

“I’m considering filing harassment charges for the way in which he has been trolling me for the last several months using the banner of his organization,” she said.

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