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Hirsh Singh campaigns for the Republican nomination for Congress in New Jersey's 2nd district in 2018. (Photo: Hirsh Singh for Congress).

Singh headed to court to challenge condo board election results

Frequent GOP candidate lost bid for a board seat at his Atlantic City condominium in landslide

By David Wildstein, August 26 2022 11:25 am

Petulant perennial statewide candidate Hirsh Singh will challenge the results of a condo board race in Atlantic City even though he finished fifth in Sunday’s election and lost by a margin of more than 2-1.

The Peter Pan-like 37-year-old manchild who ran his first five campaigns while living at home with his parents, sought one of three open seats on the Ocean Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors.  He lost to former New Jersey State Police Superintendent Michael Fedorko and his slate by a 48%-20% margin after running a scorched earth negative campaign.  He slammed Fedorko, a Marine combat veteran who earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam, as akin to “the Gestapo.”

The massive defeat for Singh was the sixth time his candidacy was rejected in as many years.  He sought Republican nominations for governor in 2017, U.S. Senate and Congress in 2018, U.S. Senate in 2020, and Governor in 2021.  His inability to win an election and his view that he has a sort of entitlement to hold high public office ha made him the Veruca Salt of New Jersey politics

Singh and his running mates, Carol Huff and Karen Thompson, have filed a letter of notice with the condo board on Thursday evening stating that they will go to court to overturn the election results and see a new vote.

They will need to fund the lawsuit themselves, but now the condo board must notify their insurance carrier and pay a sizeable deductible.

The matter would likely be heard in the General Equities Division of the New Jersey Superior Court, where the only judge is no stranger to politics.  Sheppard, a Republican, is a former Cape May County freeholder and surrogate who served as a councilwoman in Ocean City.

Two days before the election, Singh and his ticket sought a last-minute rule change to permit owners of the 754 units in Atlantic City’s two tallest apartment buildings to change their votes after their ballots were already turned in.

After losing the 2020 Republican primary for U.S. Senate — former U.S. Food and Drug Administration official Rik Mehta defeated him by 7,684 votes, 38%-36%, for the chance to take on incumbent Cory Booker – Singh filed for a recount.

Each of the state’s fifteen Superior Court vicinages ultimately rejected Singh’s recount bids.  One judge, Stuart Minkowitz, offered to recount votes if Singh paid upfront.  He never did.

Hirsh Singh Ocean Club Election Challenge
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