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Hirsh Singh. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Hirsh Singh loses condo board race in a landslide

Fedorko wins re-election against perennial candidate

By David Wildstein, August 21 2022 5:49 pm

Perennial candidate Hirsh Singh lost his bid for a seat on the Ocean Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors in Atlantic City in a landslide, losing to Michael Fedorko by a 48%-20% margin.

Fedorko’s two running mates were also successful.

This was Singh’s sixth campaign in six years as he against sought to actualize a political career with a Lazarus-like bid for a condo board seat in a community of 754 apartment units.

Singh ran for governor in 2017, U.S. Senate and Congress in 2018, U.S. Senate in 2020 and governor in 2021, but never made it out of the Republican primaries.   His failed races and petulant sense of entitlement had made him the Veruca Salt of New Jersey politics.

Singh, a 37-year-old manchild who until recently lived at home with his parents, ran an pricey and vicious campaign against a slate of incumbents headed by Fedorko, a former New Jersey State Police Superintendent and decorated U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart during his service in Vietnam.

Fedorko was the top vote-getter, followed by Mike Berezein and Bruce Merhige.  They defeated Singh’s running mates, incumbent Carol Huff and Karen Thompson.

There are 754 units at the Ocean Club, where votes are apportioned based on the size and value of the condos.  A total of 66.65% of all votes were cast.

Fedorko finished with 47.9% of all ballots, followed by Berezein (46.5%), and Merhige (43.3%).  Huff polled 21.7%, followed by Singh (19.9%) and Thompson (18.6%).

The election gives Fedorko’s faction a clear majority on the condo board.

On Friday, the controversial Singh referred to the current condo board leadership as “very Gestapo.”

“What keeps gnawing at me is this: why is there all this confrontation over a job that pays nothing?” Fedorko asked in an email in response to Singh’s Nazi Germany reference.

After a series of electoral defeats, Singh instead set his sights on the most local of local offices: a condo board seat in a building where his family owns several units.

Residents of the two condo buildings – the tallest in Atlantic City and where Frank Sinatra once had an apartment – have been voting for the last two weeks.  There are 754 units at the Ocean Club, where votes are apportioned based on the size and value of the condos.

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