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The birthplace of President Grover Cleveland on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell. (Photo: Borough of Caldwell).

Republicans regain control in Caldwell

Jones defeats Rodgers in mayoral race

By Joey Fox, November 08 2022 9:04 pm

The New Jersey Globe projects that Republicans have regained control in Caldwell, with Republican Garrett Jones defeating former Democratic Councilman Frank Rodgers for the mayor’s office and two Republicans flipping seats on the borough council.

Democrats gained the mayor’s office in Caldwell, long a Republican stronghold, in 2018 when Democrat John Kelley narrowly unseated Republican Mayor Ann Dassing. Kelley didn’t seek re-election this year, and Rodgers took his place.

Heading into this election, Democrats held a 4-2 majority on the borough council. The council was briefly 6-0 Democratic, but Republicans flipped two seats last year.

Now the majority will be 4-2 in Republicans’ favor; Democratic Councilmembers Frances DePalma-Iozzi and Jeffrey Gates lost re-election to former Councilman Kris Brown and Darren Danielowicz.

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