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Berkeley Heights Councilman-elect Jeffrey Varnerin. (Photo; Facebook.)

Recount upholds GOP win in Berkeley Heights

By David Wildstein, December 09 2020 10:53 am

Republican Jeffrey Varnerin has won a seat on the Berkeley Heights Township Council after a recount left him 102 votes in front of the Democratic incumbent, Susan Poage.

Varnerin had been certified as the winner by 110 votes, 4,050 to 3,940, but the numbers changed slightly after Union County election officials discovered 109 uncounted ballots while preparing for the recount.

A count of those ballots gave Poage an extra 17 votes, trimming Varnerin’s lead to 93.

But a full hand recount ended with Varnerin ahead, 4,101 to 3,999.

Republican Jeanne Kingsley was the top vote-getter in her re-election bid.

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