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Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride

Recording confirms McBride said “Jew her down”

Trenton Council President clearly used anti-Semitic slur

By David Wildstein, September 16 2019 11:09 am

Trenton City Council President Kathy McBride used the term “Jew her down” in discussing the settlement of a lawsuit, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

“I’m sad for her that they were able to wait her out and Jew her down for $22,000 worth of pins in her knee that can never, ever be repaired.  I am so sad for her as a Trenton resident,” McBride said on September 5.

While McBride has refused to answer questions about the closed-door September 5 meeting, three councilmembers – Robin Vaughn, George Muschal and Marge Caldwell-Wilson – have said they did not hear the anti-Semitic slur.

Records show that all three were present.

Caldwell-Wilson repeatedly declined to talk about the issue.

“I have just one comment.  I did not hear the Council President make the remark,” Caldwell-Wilson told the Globe.  “I will not comment on anything said in an executive session.”

She did not respond to questions about what Vaughn and Muschal said publicly after the meeting.

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