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Middlesex County Clerk Nancy Pinkin. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Pinkin blames state for Middlesex ballot delays, but administration disputes her claim

By David Wildstein, May 07 2022 5:17 pm

Embattled Middlesex County Clerk Nancy Pinkin says that the state is to blame for delays in mailing vote-by-mail ballots for the June primary elections, but the Secretary of State’s office disputes that they are responsible for ballot mailing delays.

Min Kim, a spokesperson for the county clerk, told the New Jersey Globe that new shape files were uploaded to the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) on April 18 to represent changes to redistricting and new ward maps in some municipalities.

“On Friday, April 22, it was discovered that 12 districts were missing in SVRS and the County Clerk’s Office, the Board of Elections, and (state vendor) KnowInk worked through the problem over that weekend,” Kim said.  “Once the data within SVRS was cross checked with the information provided by Remington and Vernick, a new list was generated for our printer on April 25th and we began the process of addressing over 111,000 mail-in ballots.”

But the state Division of Elections disagrees with the Pinkin narrative.

“On Friday, April 22, Middlesex county reported some mail-in ballot requests they anticipated to mail were not displaying on the generation table for 12 districts,” said Alicia D’Alessandro, a spokesperson for the Division of Elections.  “KnowInk worked throughout the day to resolve that issue ahead of the deadline.  No voter data, districts, or shapefiles were missing in the system.”

According to D’Alessandro, KnowInk notified Pinkin’s office at 6:30 AM on Saturday, April 23 “that issue was resolved and they could continue generating ballots for those remaining 12 districts.”

State law required Pinkin to begin mailing military and overseas ballots on April 23.

Pinkin did not respond to a text message on her personal cell phone directly.  The response came from Kim, the communications director for Middlesex County.

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