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Parsippany Municipal Clerk Khaled Madin

Parsippany official arrested on domestic violence charge

Municipal clerk married to local prosecutor

By David Wildstein, February 09 2020 11:31 am

Parsippany Municipal Clerk Khaled Madin.

Parsippany Police are still investigating an incident that led to the Saturday arrest of municipal clerk Khaled Madin on domestic violence charges. 

His wife, Monica Madin, is the municipal prosecutor. There have been no prior restraining orders for the couple, and the call was made by neighbors, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

Khaled Madin was released early Saturday evening. 

Mayor Michael Soriano declined to provide details of the municipal clerk’s arrest.

“I go with the presumption of law that you are innocent until proven guilty, but we take charges of domestic violence very seriously,” the mayor said.

During her short tenure as a prosecutor, Monica Madin has won praise for eliminating a backlog of hundreds of cases left by her predecessors. She also serves as the prosecutor in Morris Plains and Rockaway Borough.

Khaled Madin worked for the state attorney general’s office before becoming clerk.

The two share are partners at a law firm, Madin & Madin.

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13 thoughts on “Parsippany official arrested on domestic violence charge

  1. The very same prosecutor who didn’t prosecute domestic violence cases with vigor at all. Most of them got off because of her. Wonder how she feels.

    1. This is really disgusting Mary Battle- “Wonder how she feels” domestic violence is serious and is taken seriously. You should not make light of this and instead, wish her support during this hard time. This prosecutor has worked hard and has done a great deal for the community -read the article again.

  2. Miss Mary Battle (fake name) do you have a clue how domestic cases work? If the victim is not cooperating there is nothing you can do to prosecute! It has nothing to do with having vigor to prosecute. Go back and read a kids Dr. Seuss book.

  3. And for this Municipal clerk who is up for an academy award for his acting skills in trying to fool everyone about who he is. Sorry not sorry man. This was a long time coming. Thanks Neighbors!

  4. Thanks Phil for pointing that out. His reputation which is all he cared about is destroyed. He is fake. They will make an example of this fool.

  5. Shocked! Met couple at networking event and it’s hard to believe. They looked like strong couple with gentle souls and completely in sync. Everyone has bad days! Do not know what happened NOR SHOULD WE. It’s disturbing that this is even out there for everyone to read. Never seen articles posted about these kind of things. Apparently this is what you deserve for serving the public for pennies. Instead of giving statements, the Mayor needs to investigate why this was publicized and secure measures to make sure that victims are more protected in situations such as this. Very disappointed that this great town didn’t do more to protect its resident and employees. This is why victims are so scared to come forward!

  6. Resident, I have heard the only power in that couple is the woman. I have heard she has the gentle soul. I don’t consider from I have read and heard of that situation being a bad day. That is an ignorant statement. Aggravated assault is a serious charge. In light of all the recent cases I’m sure the judge will make an example of him. He will have to learn the hard way. He is a lawyer and should know this but wait he is municipal clerk. Study up buddy. Read those case laws. Stay strong prosecutor.

  7. A quote from the mayor “I like to go with the presumptive of the law that you are innocent until proven guilty” Is that what you really think or are you playing the political game?

  8. Resident you should ashamed of yourself. The audacity of calling a charge of domestic violence “just a bad day.” I am sure if a family member of yours had a situation like this happen it wouldn’t be just “a bad day” The problem with society now are these types of bad situations happen more and more with no resolution and get dismissed and then it happens again. That’s why this cowardly weak minded man needs to pay for this behavior.

  9. Laura this poor guy Khaled is walking around the office like he is the victim. And you thought it was just bad day. I really feel bad for you Khaled. But the judge sure won’t. Then you will find out what a bad day is really like. Maybe many bad days. I hope the criminal justice system does what it is suppose to do and really goes after you.

  10. Mary do you feel bad for khaled? Poor guy spent a night in jail. Aww I feel awful about this. Don’t you? I hope he gets a few more deserved days and a permanent record poor poor khaled walking with his head high still being his fake self.

  11. I saw these two at a networking event as well. Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed with this guy. Not sure how he even passed the bar exam. I suppose that is why this wannabe is only a municipal clerk. He isn’t even qualified for the job. He is lucky to even have it.

  12. Mr. Municipal Clerk, why do you put on this act daily that you are some angel? Everyone sees your act and knows you are a bad man and husband. All of us in Parsippany know that you are lier and deceitful. Best of luck in court.

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