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Acting New Jersey State Comptroller Kevin Walsh. (Photo: Office of the Governor).

OSC hits Berlin Township for wasteful use of funds

By Joey Fox, December 17 2021 10:49 am

The office of the state comptroller released the results of an audit today finding that Berlin Township improperly spent more than $265,000 in taxpayer money, violating the township’s own policies in many cases.

In one case, an improperly hired police officer was paid for 123 hours of work when they should have been paid for just 81; in another, three elected officials were given health insurance by the township without confirming that they in fact worked the requisite hours to qualify; and in a third, the state comptroller alleged that the township awarded a $757,000 prescription insurance contract without securing competitive quotations.

“It is important that municipalities follow the law and their own rules in order to guard against fraud, waste and abuse and in order to preserve trust in government,” Acting State Comptroller Kevin Walsh said in a statement.

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