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Dover Mayor James Dodd

Morris Dems want Dodd to stop campaigning as a Democrat

By Nikita Biryukov, October 08 2019 11:15 pm

Morris County Democrats want Dover’s mayor to stop calling himself a Democrat.

“In several of Dover Mayor James Dodd’s recent social media posts, he has referred to himself as ‘Democratic Mayor James Dodd.’ Mayor Dodd left the Democratic party earlier this year and is seeking re-election as an Independent in this November general election,” the Morris County Democratic Committee said. “Even before leaving the party, the former Democrat has demonstrated a striking pattern of aligning himself with Republican candidates and elected officials at the expense of other Democrats. He has campaigned with Republican candidates, endorsed the unethical Governor Chris Christie, and stated to several community members that he voted for President Donald Trump.”

Dodd did not return a 6 p.m. email seeking comment.

Morris County Democrats dropped Dodd last year and backed a group of insurgent Democrats. The decision was fueled partly by the disparity between Dover’s majority-Hispanic electorate and its majority-White board of aldermen and partly because of Dodd’s backing former Gov. Chris Christie.

The MCDC is backing Alderwoman Carolyn Blackman for Dodd’s seat. The mayor is mounting an off-the-line bid.

“The Trump-loving Dodd has also shown flagrant disregard for our democracy by electioneering during events paid for with taxpayer dollars and publicly harassing and intimidating his political opponents and their supporters,” the MCDC said. “If Mayor Dodd is going to continue campaigning with Republicans, he might as well tell Dover residents the truth instead of trying to confuse them. He is not a Democrat and should stop pretending that he is.”

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