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Monmouth County Democratic Chairman David G. Brown

Monmouth Democrats mandate anti-harassment training for candidates, party leader

Will deny organization line, funding, technology to those who refuse to participate

By David Wildstein, January 25 2020 11:24 am

Monmouth County Democrats will require all candidates and party leaders to attend anti-harassment training sessions and will deny access to critical campaign tools if they don’t participate.

Democratic county chairman David Brown says that he will withhold access to voter data bases, promotion of the county party website and social media, and financial support.

“We  are the first county party in the state to make it mandatory for our municipal chairs and declared candidates to take the anti-harassment training,” Brown said.   “For our municipal chairs and declared candidates who don’t take it, they will be denied support from the Monmouth County Democrats. This is one of the many steps the Monmouth County Democrats will take to change the culture in politics in the upcoming months.”

Th rule will apply to candidates at all levels, including president.  Members of Congress already receive sexual harassment training.

Brown said that executive board members and caucus chairs must also attend.

The move follows a recent controversy over former Democratic State Committeeman William Robinson, who was accused of sending harassing messages to former congressional candidate Tiffany Kaszuba. 

Kaszuba criticized party leaders for not telling her that Robinson had been convicted of stalking in the 1990s.  He was forced to resign.

Brown said the party will retain the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault to conduct training sessions in February and March.

Last week, Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt announced that any GOP candidate or organization that utilizes non-disclosure agreements to prevent staffers from publicly discussing toxic workplace environment issues will be denied party support.

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