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Bridgewater Council President Matt Moench, left, a candidate for the GOP mayoral nomination, with council candidates Michael Kirsch, center, and Timothy Ring

Moench slate declines party line

By Nikita Biryukov, April 03 2019 1:04 pm

Bridgewater Council President Matt Moench and his slate of council candidates are declining to appear on the Somerset County Republican Organization’s line in their bid to unseat Mayor Dan Hayes and his team.

In a letter sent Wednesday to Al Gaburo, Moench slammed the Somerset County Republican chairman for endorsing Hayes despite his refusing to participate in the screening process conducted by Bridgewater’s Republican Municipal Committee.

“You and I both know what your endorsement of the incumbent is about — your ability to direct development projects to cater to the needs of your donors and lobbying clients and your ability to direct Bridgewater’s taxpayer dollars to contractors you favor,” Moench said. “It has nothing to do with good government in Bridgewater or growing the Republican party in Somerset County, the former of which has never been your concern and the latter of which is an effort you have long abandoned.”

In February, Hayes told Bridgewater Republican Municipal Chairman Michael Kirsh he would not seek the BRMC’s endorsement, citing intra-party conflicts and committee-backed primary challenges in 2018.

Kirsh is running for council alongside Time Ring on a slate with Moench, who is seeking to oust Hayes and take control of the town’s mayorship.

Hayes is running with councilwoman Christine Henderson Rose, who also did not seek party support for re-election.

Letter to Gaburo - 4-3-19
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