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Christine McGrath

Maps: How Christine McGrath won in Verona

Ousted a two-term incumbent by 23 points

By Ben Kestenbaum, May 16 2019 10:10 am

Christine McGrath, head of the local Moms Demand Action chapter won election to the Verona Township Council on May 14th, by a margin of 23.43% over Deputy Mayor Michael Nochimson.

McGrath, a first time candidate, was one of five candidates seeking two seats in Tuesday’s municipal election.  Nochimson, a two-term incumbent, finished fourth.  The actual vote was 1,314 to 817, a plurality of 497.

While the race was non-partisan, the political leanings of McGrath and Nochimson were clear: McGrath supported Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district last year, while Nochimson was part of a group of Republican local officials who endorsed Jay Webber for the seat in the GOP primary.

McGrath won all but one of the voting districts in the town, only losing the 10th voting district, which she lost by 2 votes out of the 172 votes cast in that district. She won the 4th and 11th districts by nearly 50%, which contributed to her large margin of victory.

Incumbent Alex Roman is currently leading for the second seat with 831 votes, just three ahead of John Quattrocchi.  Nochimson is 11 votes behind Quattrocchi.

County election officials are expected to count about 20 provisional ballots on Friday.  It is unclear how many vote-by-mail ballots have arrived since Tuesday.

Map by Ben Kestenbaum


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