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Little Falls Mayor James Damiano.

Little Falls Dems pick Hablitz for Council seat

Mayor Damiano, Councilman Sgobba seeking re-election

By Nikita Biryukov, March 31 2020 9:29 am

Little Falls Democrats have picked Christine Hablitz to run alongside Mayor James Damiano and Council President Anthony Sgobba.

“I am tremendously proud of all the progress we have accomplished in the last four years, and with the continued support of Little Falls residents, we will continue that progress,” Damiano said. “nothing would have been accomplished without the support of this council.”

Councilwoman Maria Cordonnier, whose term expires this year, is not seeking re-election.

Hablitz is a Democratic county committeewoman from Little Falls and serves as secretary of the local Democratic club.

“I think sports and recreation can be the heart of our community, and it makes Little Falls a better place to raise our families,” Hablitz said. “I want to continue to advocate for our young people and bring my experience to government to improve programs and expand recreation activities to our senior population.”

The three incumbents are uncontested in their primaries.

“Our first responsibility to the taxpayer is fiscal responsibility. We’ve worked closely with Mayor Damiano to level taxes while increasing services and increasing our rainy-day fund. Our bond rating was increased for the first time in many years,” Sgobba said. “This town is well positioned for the future.”

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