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Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor Jake Hudnut. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Jake Hudnut will seek Jersey City’s Ward E council seat on Fulop slate

Municipal Prosecutor, once a vocal Fulop critic, joins incumbent slate

By Nikita Biryukov, February 18 2021 10:49 am

Jersey City’s Municipal Prosecutor will run for the city’s Ward E council seat on Mayor Steve Fulop’s slate, the two announced Thursday.

“Jake Hudnut is a proven public servant and someone who has spent the last three years working tirelessly to solve problems, promote quality of life and run the most progressive municipal prosecutor’s office in the state,” Fulop said. “With his deep experience in local government and his dedication to progressive values, I know that Jake will make an excellent addition to the City Council and I look forward to supporting him and the rest of our outstanding ticket.”

Hudnut, a 16-year city resident, ran for the seat as a Fulop opponent in 2017, winning fourth place with a little less than 9% of the vote.

This year, he’ll join Councilmembers Joyce Watterman, Daniel Rivera, Denise Ridley, Mira Prinz-Arey, Rich Boggiano, Yousef Saleh and Jermaine Robinson. Hudson County Democratic Chairwoman Amy DeGise is seeking an at-large council seat on Fulop’s slate.

The prosecutor was a vocal Fulop critic in 2017, at one point comparing him to Chris Christie with a wink to fire the former governor faced for appearing on a state beach with his family during a government shutdown in July 2017.

But the hatchets appear to be buried.

“Downtown Jersey City needs a City Council representative who will work tirelessly to solve quality of life issues and not just talk about them,” Hudnut said. “I’ve seen up close how much our local government can do to help people in need and promote better outcomes for our most vulnerable residents, and as a City Council member I will bring the same spirit of problem solving and effective representation that has helped transform the municipal prosecutor’s office into a force for progressive change.”

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