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Incumbents want Dinsmore to identify mystery consultant

Both sides in Morris freeholder race call each other ‘deceptive’

By David Wildstein, May 22 2019 4:22 pm

The slate of Republican freeholders in Morris County are calling one of their opponents deceptive for refusing to identify the name of his political consultant.

Incumbents Doug Cabana, Tom Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFilippo want Donald Dinsmore and his running mates to name the recipient of over $55,000 in campaign funds sent to a shadowy Wyoming consulting firm that uses a mail forwarding facility.  State records do not attach a name to a corporate filing for the firm, Checkmate Action Group.

“It appears Dinsmore may be up to some dirty tricks. Morris County voters seem destined to find slanderous and misleading mail in the coming days from Dinsmore and his shadow entity,” the freeholders said. “Maybe that’s why he is hiding the real identity of his consultant.”

Dinsmore dismissed the claims of his opponents.

“I have the right to hire any consultant I want,” he told the New Jersey Globe.  “I think Tom’s being deceptive about zero percent tax increases.  They’re the ones being deceptive.”

A source within the Morris County Republican organization who spoke on the condition of anonymity identified the Wyoming firm as having a connection to King Penna, a controversial consultant with ties to several Republicans in Morris.    The New Jersey Globe has been unable to reach Penna, who did not respond to a message on Twitter to confirm this.

Still, it is difficult to make process issues move voters in an election when it relates to a consultant voters are unfamiliar with, whomever that consultant is.

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One thought on “Incumbents want Dinsmore to identify mystery consultant

  1. Deceptive Don is right. He has the right to hire any consultant is right but he’s required to explain where and who the funds are going too by NJ election law. This guy is a total fraud from every angle and has lied every step of the way from the beginning.

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