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The State House in Trenton. (Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

ELEC doles out more than $13,000 in fines

Freeholder, councilmembers hit with enforcement actions

By Nikita Biryukov, May 01 2019 11:10 am

New Jersey’s Law Election Law Enforcement Commission slapped 18 former candidates with $13,292.31 in fines at its April 16 meeting, ELEC said Wednesday.

Sussex County Freeholder George Graham was the highest-level office holder hit by the fines.

The commission ordered Graham and his campaign treasurer, the freeholder’s wife, to pay $644.67 in fines related to late reporting of certain campaign contributions.

Graham’s campaign reported certain contributions and expenditures made and received in 2013 more than five years late, ELEC found.

Former Camden Freeholder candidate Franklin Frake hasn’t been hit with any fines received the largest single fine. Frake, who ran for freeholder under the slogan “Bernie Sanders” in 2016, was ordered to pay $7,600 for failing to file pre-election reports and a candidate sworn statement.

ELEC also ordered Frake to file those forms.

Englewood Councilman Michael Cohen received a $400 fine, plus $25.92 in sheriff service fees, for filing a candidate sworn statement for his 2016 re-election bid 514 days late.

The commission found Linden Councilman Peter Brown filed four forms reporting contributions and expenditures for his 2016 re-election race roughly two years late but levied no fines past a $25.40 sheriff service fee due to financial hardship Brown was facing.

Interlaken Councilwoman Mindy Horowitz was fined $275.00 for filing her candidate sworn statement 514 days late.

Victory Gardens Councilwoman Tara White was fined the same amount for filing her 2017 candidate sworn statement 528 days late.

Former Clementon Councilwoman Carol Andrews was ordered to pay $303.48 in fines and fees for filing a candidate sworn statement in her 2014 race almost five years late.

Blake Lichtenberger, a candidate for Hudson County Clerk in 2017, was given a $275 fine for filing his candidate sworn statement 517 days late.

Former Roosevelt Borough Council candidate Daniel Archer was fined $275 for filing his candidate sworn statement 520 days late.

ELEC found former Palmyra council candidate Paul Bisceglie filed his candidate sworn statement 686 days late but imposed no fines pas $38.40 in sheriff service fees because Bisceglie was dealing with an illness in his family at the time.

Former Florence Township council candidate Shawne DeCristofaro was fined $306.68 for filing his candidate sworn statement 620 days late.

David Gruman, a candidate for Lakewood Township committee in 2017, was given $730.40 in fees and fines for filing his candidate sworn statement 490 days late.

Moneke Ragsdale, who ran for Camden City Council in 2013, was fined $400 for filing her candidate sworn statement 982 days late, $100 for filing after a subpoena was issued on the matter and $49.60 in sheriff service fees.

Former Norwood Councilman Allen Rapaport was ordered to pay $275 for filing his 2017 candidate sworn statement 609 days late and $500 for a previous campaign finance violation.

Rapaport, then a Republican, lost the party line after endorsing Rep. Josh Gottheimer in 2016. He ran for council as a Democrat in 2017.

Eric Svelling, an independent candidate for Barnegat Light Borough Council was fined $275 for filing his candidate sworn statement 513 days late.

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