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Marcos S. Tapia-Aguilar, Sr.

Dover settles issue on candidate name

Alderman candidate will be on ballot as Marcos S. Tapia-Aguilar, Sr.

By David Wildstein, April 11 2019 11:48 am

Dover municipal clerk Tara Pettoni has reversed her decision to drop a candidate from June primary ballot because he didn’t use his full legal name.

In a settlement reached between the clerk and the alderman candidate, Marcos Tapia, will be on the ballot as Marcos S. Tapia-Aguilar, Sr., township attorney Jarrid Kantor told the New Jersey Globe.

Pettoni had originally certified the petition, but removed him from the ballot yesterday because she believed voters might confuse Marcos S. Tapia-Aguilar, Sr. with his politically active son, Marcos Tapia-Hernando, according to Kantor.

Dover Democratic municipal chairman Edward Correa told the Globe that he has accepted the compromise, which leaves his candidate, Marcos S. Tapia-Aguilar, Sr., unopposed in the Democratic primary for the ward alderman seat.

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