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Former Dover Alderman Adrian Ballesteros. (Photo: Adrian Ballesteros).

Dover Alderman resigns

Correa is possible canidate to replace Ballesteros

By David Wildstein, January 09 2023 3:34 pm

Adrian Ballesteros resigned his seat on the Dover Board of Alderman last night with one year remaining on his term, setting up an intra-party fight to fill his seat.

Ballesteros has moved to California and had been commuting back to Dover for occasional alderman meetings.

The Dover Democratic county committee must now submit three names to the Board of Alderman to replace Ballesteros in the third ward.  If the board is unable to agree on the name – a 4-4 split is entirely plausible – within 30 days, the county committee will get to make the appointment.

Democratic Municipal Chairman Edward Correa is a possible candidate to fill Ballesteros’ unexpired term.

Dover Democrats were sharply divided last year after then-Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson refused to give the organization line to the local organization-backed candidates, a move that contributed to Robinson being pushed out of the county chairman post.    That led to three incumbents, including Correa, losing the Democratic primary.

Mayor Carolyn Blackman has not announced if she will seek re-election to a second term.  Three other aldermen are up this year: Jessica Cruz in the first ward, Judith Rugg in the second ward, and Arturo Santana in the fourth ward.

Perennial candidate T.C. McCourt is telling Democrats he wants to run for mayor.

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