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Cumberland County Freeholder Darlene Barber

Cumberland elects one Democrat, one Republican to freeholder board

By David Wildstein, November 06 2019 1:09 am

Democrats and Republicans each held their seats on the Cumberland County Board of Freeholders and Democratic County Clerk Celeste Riley survived a relatively close race to win re-election to a second term.

Republican Douglas Albrecht, a former Vineland councilman, was the top vote-getter with 12,082 votes, followed by Democratic incumbent Darlene Barber with 11,833.  She just narrowly defeated Republican Jeffrey Bordley (11,387), with Democrat Christopher Jennings (10,945) running fourth.

Riley, a former assemblywoman, defeated Republican Victoria Lods by 1,423 votes, a 53%-47% margin.

The lone Republican freeholder, Joseph Sparacio, did not seek re-election.

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