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Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino. (Photo: Rich Ambrosino).

Ambrosino disavows Barrington Republican chair over racist, homophobic comments

Nick Peronace made homophobic, racist statements in online comments

By Nikita Biryukov, July 02 2020 3:57 pm

Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino disavowed Barrington Republican Club President Nick Peronace over homophobic and racist comments Peronace made.

“Admittedly we accepted someone without first vetting him. It’s a mistake we will not make again,” Ambrosino said. “Since becoming chairman I’ve said on multiple occasions that we better do a good job policing ourselves, generally speaking we’ve done a good job doing so. Only a year ago we disavowed a freeholder candidate and now must do the same with Nick Peronace.”

Pernace posted homophobic comments in response to an episode of the PBS documentary series “In the Life” that focused on an LGBT blog.

“You CAN’T just expect everyone to be okay with you, and your life. Your a fag, and that fine, but keep it to yourself. Trust me, if I ever walk by you on the street with my kids and I see you kissing or holding hands with some dude, I’ll brake every bone in your gay little body,” Pernace wrote. “Keep your shit behind closed doors, so children can’t see you.”

The blog’s author said someone with the same username as Pernace posted racial slurs in a comment on a separate forum.

“I once had HD. Then I got the bill. It’s nice and all but I really don’t watch Tv that much so why have HD? Pluse Comcast BLOWS. I always get a nigger on the phone who can’t help me,” Pernace is said to have wrote.

Ambrosino is putting the county against the candidates chosen by Barrington’s Republican Committee.

“The Barrington GOP is rebuilding, without Peronace.” Ambrosino said, “We have excellent candidates running write-in campaigns to ensure voters have a choice in Barrington come November. The candidates include Steve Teti running for the unexpired term. Some will remember Teti’s father served on council. Former two-term councilman Bob DelVecchio, who left the Democrats after they gave him grief for voting against their tax increases, is now a Republican running for a full-term with Shannon Kelly.”

Update: the following statement from Peronace was provided to the New Jersey Globe on October 3, 2020 and is printed in full.

“The people of Barrington are wonderful and the town has so much untapped potential. I had a vision to bring back small businesses, A beautification project, School buses for all of our children, and much more.” 

“If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s how fragile and short life really is, so I won’t attack or engage in regards to past County Facebook post recently published by your publication. However what I will say is that I run a group on Facebook called ‘Barrington NJ Republicans Official.’  Everyone is welcome to join and see the truth about why I resigned as Barrington Republican Club Chair, and who County GOP management really is.”

“I’ve moved on with my life, so I was taken back by this issue recently being brought up, all though I suspect the upcoming election might have something to do with it. At any rate, I very willfully resigned my position as chairman of the Barrington Republican club, was not removed for whatever ridiculous reason they claim, and anyone can look at my personal Facebook page to clearly see that I am not a racist or whatever other off the wall labels they want to brand me with. Actually the accusations is in fact retaliation because I refused to be a county patsy and play their twisted games.”

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