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Jennifer O'Donnell

Bumped Camden slate asks judge to restore ballot positon

Petitions rejected after county clerk found fraud

By David Wildstein, April 11 2019 6:05 pm

Two candidates for Camden County freeholder have filed a lawsuit after being knocked off the ballot in the June Democratic primary.

The Camden County Clerk’s office refused to certify the petition of Jerome Taylor, Sr. and Jennifer O’Donnell for freeholder after finding signatures on their nominating petitions to be fraudulent.

Taylor withdrew from the race on Sunday and his committee on vacancies named Michael Lovett as the replacement candidate.  The clerk’s office has rejected the candidate switch.

The complaint alleges that the decision of deputy county clerk John Schmidt to toss the petitions without proof was punitive.

Taylor and O’Donnell were seeking to challenge two incumbents backed by the Camden County Democratic organization, Edward O’Donnell and Carmen Rodriguez.

The complaint also alleges that Schmidt, county clerk Joseph Ripa and county counsel Christopher Orlando have violated the constitutional rights of the candidates and others who filed nominating petitions in nine towns across Camden  County to run for county committee and local office bracketed with the candidates for freeholder.

Also being alleged is that the county clerk ignored a challenge to other petition filed by candidates for the Democratic freeholder nomination.

“The Camden County Clerk’s Office was compelled to reject the petitions in question based on fact that an investigation was done by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and signatures were found to be fraudulently obtained,” said San Keashen, a spokesman for Camden County.  “In regard to the lawsuit, it is baseless considering the facts that are already available and the investigation that has already been completed outlining fraudulent actions by the litigant.”

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2 thoughts on “Bumped Camden slate asks judge to restore ballot positon

  1. Norcross is going to Hell. He is so damn evil

    No good will come to him. He and his entire bloodline will face the wrath of Jesus Christ for what they’ve done. Ripa will get sick and die. Schmidt will face horror in his life and no grace or Mercy will come To Them No good will come to any of these participants. Those judges who ruled to destroy will also face Giods mighty wrath. They will reap what they sowed. In the mighty name of
    Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God is coming to take down this machine and his followers. You will burn in a horrific

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