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Bridgewater Mayor Matt Moench.

Bridgewater will seek to ban marijuana sales

By David Wildstein, February 24 2021 6:11 pm

Bridgewater will move to ban recreational marijuana sales and instead will reinstate anti-drug education programs for children, Mayor Matthew Moench said today.

Moench said that a proposed ordinance bill ban recreational cannabis dispensaries in Somerset County’s largest municipality, as well as ban the smoking of marijuana in any public place.

“Governor Murphy and members of the legislature enacted anti-child, anti-family, and anti-police legislation which goes well beyond the reasonable expectations of those who supported legalization for adult usage,” said Moensch.  “Instead of protecting our children, while allowing adults to make decisions for themselves, this legislation effectively insulates minors from facing any consequences from underage use and removes any meaningful deterrents.”

New Jersey municipalities must enact enabling ordinances to allow dispensaries.

According to Moensch, the new state law to implement the legalization of marijuana “punishes our police officers from taking steps to enforce the law by threatening them with a third-degree crime for investigating potential underage drug use. “

Instead, Bridgewater bill bring back a D.A.R.E. program and direct the Youth Services and Municipal Alliance Committee to expand public services than combat drug use and alcoholism.

“If this policy were really about social justice and respecting individual rights, individuals would be able to grow their own marijuana and the penalties for underage use would be equal to that of underage alcohol usage. But it isn’t,” Moensch said.  “This week’s actions by Governor Murphy were about political expediency at the expense and detriment of our children and communities like ours.”

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