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Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis. (Photo: Jimmy Davis).

Bayonne mayor releases first TV ad

By David Wildstein, April 06 2018 3:54 pm

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis is airing his first video ad of the campaign, which will be running in heavy rotation starting immediately on both local cable television and various digital placements. “Delivering for Bayonne,”  highlights the record of Davis and his city council running mates.

“I’m proud to be from Bayonne and to see all the progress our city is making together,” said Davis. “This election is about the progress that residents are seeing all over our city and the forward momentum our team and the residents have built together. My campaign slogan is ‘I Love Bayonne,’ and that says it all.”

Editor’s Note: After this story was posted, Davis’ opponent, former Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell, released the following statement:  “Mayor Davis and his Council Team have spent the last four years giving multi million dollar tax breaks to their wealthy out of town developer friends at the expense of Bayonne taxpayers.  Every announcement of things “coming soon” they’ve made in the past month has clearly been done for this fantasy land campaign commercial.

Of course, Jimmy makes no mention of the millions of dollars in taxpayer money he’s thrown away in tax breaks for the rich, lawsuit settlements we all pay for and our horrible infrastructure like the potholes we all see all over the City.  This is more of the same from Jimmy and his Team, they will say anything to get elected just as they did four years ago.  Last time they said they wouldn’t give tax breaks to developers and then handed out at least 40 of them and this time they are promising an artist’s rendering of a bright future cobbled together with campaign wishes and taxpayer funded press conferences.  

Jimmy Davis and his Council Team have hurt Bayonne taxpayers at every turn while allowing their developer friends to underfund our children’s education and walk away from any obligation to provide City jobs for City residents.  Their campaign slogan talks about how much they “Love Bayonne”.  If that were true they wouldn’t be trying to give it away at every turn.”

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