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Former Parsippany Mayor Jamie Barberio. (Photo: Jamie Barberio.)

Barberio elected as mayor of Parsippany, defeating Soriano

By Joey Fox, November 02 2021 9:17 pm

The New Jersey Globe can project that Republican James Barberio has defeated Democratic Parsippany Mayor Michael Soriano; Soriano first won the office by defeating Barberio in 2017.

Barberio first had to narrowly beat GOP municipal chairman and former council president Louis Valori in order to face Soriano at all.

The Morris County township was once solidly Republican, but even in those days it frequently elected Democratic mayors. It’s now more friendly to national and statewide Democrats – President Joe Biden carried it by 12 points last year – yet Republicans still have the ability to win local offices.

Republican council candidates also flipped two open seats, giving the GOP a unanimous 5-0 majority.

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