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Hammonton Councilman and Republican nominee for Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Giralo wants McGettigan to pay for do-over election

By Nikita Biryukov, January 06 2021 11:18 am

Joe Giralo demanded Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan personally pay for the cost of a redo election in Atlantic County’s third district spurred by a mistake in the clerk’s office Wednesday.

“While the judge’s ruling is a victory for the voters who were disenfranchised by Ed McGettigan’s gross ineptitude, the remedy is a costly new election. That should not be on the backs of Atlantic County’s taxpayers,” said Giralo, a Hammonton Councilman who announced his bid for McGettigan’s seat the day after November’s election.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Marczyk on Monday invalidated the third district county commissioner race, ruling the result was unknowable after McGettigan’s office mailed incorrect ballots to 554 voters.

Thelma Witherspoon, the Democrat who ran for former Freeholder Ashley Bennett’s seat, defeated Republican Andrew Parker by 286 votes, but Marczyk ordered a new election for April 20 and blocked her from being seated. Democrats have said they plan to appeal the decision.

“Ed McGettigan makes $107,250 a year plus health care and benefits. He’s made over $1.5 million since he has been in office,” Giralo said. “He should pay for the costs of this election he caused by his incompetence out of his own pocket and make the taxpayers whole.”

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