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Why the Assembly heads ’19 ticket

Happens twice a decade — every other decade

By David Wildstein, January 04 2019 1:42 pm

As New Jersey begins to focus on Gov. Phil Murphy’s mid-term elections, just a reminder that the State Assembly heads the ticket in 2019.

Because of the oddities of the New Jersey election calendar, the Assembly heads the ticket twice in a decade but only every other decade.  After 2019, the next time the Assembly heads the ticket won’t be until 2035.

Legislative redistricting follows the census, which is conducted in the first year of every decade. In the second year of the decade, the full Senate and Assembly run in their new districts for two year terms.  In the fourth year of the decade, Senators run for four-year terms.

Every twenty years, New Jersey has a gubernatorial election in the second year of the decade.  That means that every twenty years, gubernatorial and assembly candidates appear on the ballot with no senate races.

It’s confusing, so here’s a cheat sheet to clear things up:

1991 Senate, Assembly 2001 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2011 Senate, Assembly 2021 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2031 Senate, Assembly
1993 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2003 Senate, Assembly 2013 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2023 Senate, Assembly 2033 Governor, Senate, Assembly
1995 Assembly 2005 Governor, Assembly 2015 Assembly 2025 Governor, Assembly 2035 Assembly
1997 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2007 Senate, Assembly 2017 Governor, Senate, Assembly 2027 Senate, Assembly 2037 Governor, Senate, Assembly
1999 Assembly 2009 Governor, Assembly 2019 Assembly 2029 Governor, Assembly 2039 Assembly


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