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Senate President Steve Sweeney. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

Sweeney picks Sarlo, Oroho to lead Senate economic recovery efforts

Senate President picks bi-partisan team to plan for life at the ‘great lock-down’

By David Wildstein, April 17 2020 12:48 pm

Senate President Steve Sweeney has tapped the two top Senate budget officials to work with the Murphy administration and the legislature to work on a plan to resurrect New Jersey’s economy as the state battles the fiscal effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo (D-Wood-Ridge) and Senate Republican Budget Officer Steve Oroho (D-Franklin) will serve as the Senate’s fiscal recovery strategists for when the “great lockdown” ends, Sweeney said.

“We need to get a firm grasp of all the economic and fiscal factors that will impact the state so that we can make plans to restart the state’s economy when we emerge from the coronavirus crisis,” said Sweeney. “Senators Sarlo and Oroho are experienced fiscal strategists who bring a wealth of knowledge of budget and economic policies and the real-life impact they have for government, businesses, communities, families and individuals throughout the state. The Legislature and the Administration need to work together so that we can emerge from this crisis as effectively as possible.”

In a statement on Friday, Sweeney said that priorities of the state’s fiscal recovery efforts must include getting a fair share of federal aide and a wide-ranging plan to reopen the state’s economy.

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