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Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

‘No hard feelings’ with Gilmore, Sauickie says

Newly elected assemblyman intends to work across the aisle when possible

By Joey Fox, August 11 2022 9:55 pm

Assemblyman-elect Alex Sauickie (R-Jackson) may not have been Ocean GOP Chairman George Gilmore’s choice for the State Assembly, but he said there’s no bad blood between him and the once-and-current kingmaker of Ocean County.

“No hard feelings on my part,” Sauickie said. “In fact, I would reach out to [Gilmore’s candidate] Dominick Cuozzo as well as the chairman to make sure that we can find things to work on together and do some good for the people of Ocean County.”

Sauickie, a Jackson councilman, easily won a 12th legislative district special election convention earlier tonight to replace the late Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-Plumsted), who died in office last month. Sauickie got more than two-thirds of the committee vote against Cuozzo, a Plumsted councilman, and former Jackson Councilman Scott Martin.

Cuozzo’s loss was something of a setback for Gilmore, who narrowly won back the party chairmanship in July and is still working to unify Ocean Republicans. Since the 12th district spans four different counties and a county breakdown of the convention vote isn’t available, it’s unknown how well Cuozzo did among Ocean County committee members.

In his introductory remarks, Sauickie introduced himself as a staunch conservative who will fight the Democratic majority in Trenton on issues like abortion, sex education, and taxes. His stated tances matched those of Martin and Cuozzo, though Cuozzo has a more right-wing background and would have likely been a more bombastic legislator had he won.

But Sauickie told the New Jersey Globe after his victory that, when he takes office, he intends to follow in the mold of Dancer: a solid Republican who still takes the time to work collaboratively with the other party.

“I think I’ll be very similar to Assemblyman Dancer,” Sauickie said. “He was known for being able to work across the aisle, and work with intelligent, smart people… It doesn’t matter whether they’re Republican or Democrat, as long as they make sense and they want to do good for their constituents, I’m all in.”

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