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Jeff Grayzel

Morris Township mayor wants Dems to wait on Bucco challenge until close local races are settled

Jeff Grayzel scolds one Democrat who announced Senate bid today

By David Wildstein, November 07 2019 9:00 pm

Morris Township Mayor Jeffrey Grayzel., mentioned by some Democratic leaders as a possible State Senate candidate against Republican Anthony M. Bucco next year, says that the 2020 campaign shouldn’t start until this week’s race in over.

Rupande Mehta announced today that she would seek the Democratic nomination to take on Bucco.

Grayzel pointed to races in Morris Township, Dover and Mendham Township that are still too close to call.

“I am not commenting at this time on any future elections. And I am disappointed that others are making announcements when this election is not even over yet,” Grayzel told the New Jersey Globe.  “Personally, I am focused on winning the election in my own town and actively helping out my friends in Dover and Mendham Township win their elections as well.”

Just one vote separates the two candidates in Mendham Township, where Republican Jordan Orlins leads Democrat Melissa Saharko by one vote.  Another Democrat is 28 votes behind the top vote-getter, Republican Thomas Baio.

The Dover race is especially close.

Democrat Carolyn Blackman leads incumbent Mayor James P. Dodd by 19 votes.  Three ward alderman races are also close – 18, 33 and 34 votes.

In Morris Township, Democrat Bud Ravitz trails incumbent Peter Mancuso by 48 votes, with provisional and some vote-by-mail ballots still uncounted.

“I am a team player focused on securing victories for Democrats in Morris County,” Grayzel said.  “Anyone talking about future elections at this time is being selfish.”

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3 thoughts on “Morris Township mayor wants Dems to wait on Bucco challenge until close local races are settled

  1. Mayor Grayzel should shut up. Dover deserves a not-racist, not-sexist mayor and Bucco’s grift is in every way unrelated to good government.

    In fact, this “statement” didn’t need to be shared by the press. How about we ignore all statements from men desperate to hold on to power who will lie and cheat – or encourage others – to do so to do so? If the press simply said, “You know what? We’re not covering this, Mayor, it’s BS,” we’d all be much happier.

    1. Where the heck is this etiquette tidbit coming from? In what universe does his complaint make any sense at all.

      Rupande Mehte’s announcement doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of the most recent election.

      And if Jeff Grayzel is planning to run himself and is mad that she jumped in first, then shame on him for this tacky, ridiculous ploy.

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