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Lisa McCormick, left, and Jim Devine. (Photo: Facebook).

McCormick, Devine told to pull fabricated quote or face legal action

Menacing website accused of making up a statement from Cryan’s campaign manager

By David Wildstein, April 26 2021 2:05 pm

Lisa McCormick and James Devine are being accused of fabricating a racist quote from State Sen. Joseph Cryan’s campaign manager, A.J. Stewart, on a menacing website they run.

“As you know that ‘quote’ is a complete fabrication intended solely to defame Mr. Stewart,” attorney Bill Northgrave wrote to McCormick and Devine in a cease and desist letter today.  “In fact, Mr. Stewart never spoke to you or anyone related or connected to njtoday.net.”

McCormick, a shadowy perennial candidate, is the publisher of the website.  Devine, her controversial life partner, is widely viewed as the leader of the site.

“Unfortunately, I have had to deal with the trash at NJToday.net for many years.  They have no use for facts, and they have proven time and again that they will say and do anything about anyone while exhibiting a total disregard for even basic morality,” Cryan said.  “Devine and McCormick are all that is wrong with politics.  They are the worst we have to offer, and they make decent people hesitate when entering public service.”

McCormick was recently tossed off the ballot as a candidate for the Demcoratic gubernatorial nomination after an administrative law judge found all of her petitions to be fraudulent.  New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way has referred the matter to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution.

Northgrave also sent his letter to Cryan’s Democratic primary opponent, Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-Roselle), effectively putting him on notice that if they use the allegedly fabricated clip, they might also face legal action.

“Anyone caught using this horrifically offensive and completely made up quote will also be subject to legal action,” Cryan said.  “I would also like to note that anyone using content generated at NJToday.net is making a conscious decision to throw in with Devine and McCormick, two of the most vile individuals to ever enter the political field.”

McCormick and Devine face multiple summonses filed in West Amwell Municipal Court regarding allegations of trespassing, building code violations, and in Devine’s case, harassment and threats.

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