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State Sen. Kristin Corrado. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Corrado calls for Asaro-Angelo’s resignation

Senator says communicating with Labor Department has been ‘total nightmare’

By Joey Fox, March 21 2022 5:06 pm

State Sen. Kristin Corrado (R-Wyckoff) called today for Labor Department Commissioner Rob Asaro-Angelo’s resignation, echoing her 40th district running mate Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips (R-Wyckoff), who proposed articles of impeachment against Asaro-Angelo earlier this month.

“Every attempt to work with the Department of Labor to help desperate people access their unemployment benefits has been a total nightmare,” Corrado said. “They don’t answer calls, they don’t respond to emails, and they don’t provide any helpful information. After two years [of the pandemic], it still hasn’t gotten better.”

The Department of Labor has been the subject of heavy criticism from state legislators, who say that their offices have been inundated with requests from constituents struggling to receive unemployment benefits and in-person services. The Senate unanimously passed a resolution on March 3 demanding that Gov. Phil Murphy address the unemployment backlog, and brought Asaro-Angelo to testify before the Senate Labor Committee a week later.

At that hearing, Asaro-Angelo insisted that his department is bound by complex federal rules and has delivered results for the vast majority of unemployment applicants, but Corrado said today that his defenses weren’t enough.

“Unfortunately, Commissioner Asaro-Angelo refused to accept responsibility and offered nothing but excuses for continuing unemployment system failures,” she said. “What he should have offered was his resignation. Like everything with the Department of Labor, we’re waiting.”

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