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Cannabis Advisory Group Lauds Passage of S-21, Legalizing the Marijuana Market

By NJG Press Releases, December 20 2020 6:36 pm

New Jersey – After passing the enabling cannabis legalization bill, one of New Jersey!s leading advocacy organizations, the Cannabis Advisory Group (CAG), lauded the collective efforts of
advocates, organizers and legislators in finalizing this historic legislation.

“The prohibition of cannabis in New Jersey has been unjust and unwarranted for decades,” said Jacqueline Ferraro, the Founding Director of the Cannabis Advisory Group. “This bill, and it’s companion decriminalization legislation, is the biggest step towards righting the wrongs of the past that we have seen in the tri-state area. While there will certainly be kinks to iron out moving forward, this could not have been possible without the tireless efforts of this Legislature, the advocates in the field and the organizations demanding justice around the state and across the

“Congratulations to everyone and I hope to see any New Jerseyan unsure of the bill’s impact joining us for CAG!s educational panels in the coming year, where we will be discussing the ins and
outs of this exciting new industry.”

Starting the second week of January, CAG will host a series of panel discussions with experts across the state in order to sort-out the details of this groundbreaking legislation. The panels will tackle critical questions like: who will be allowed to buy marijuana, who will be allowed to sell and distribute it, who will be allowed to grow it, how will the adult-use industry and the medical industry co-exist, and what are the social justice implications of legalization and decriminalization?

“I want to congratulate the citizens and lawmakers of New Jersey for passing hard-fought legislation that legalizes cannabis” said Sheri L. Tarr, JD, Director with the Cannabis Advisory Group and Founder of ‘68 Partners in New York. “This creates a responsible, practical regulatory framework for New York to learn from and emulate. As a leader on the front-lines of cannabis legalization in New York, I look forward to collaborating with my New Jersey colleagues to shape regulations that create a functional, accessible and economically sustainable cannabis marketplace in New York and the Tri-State region.”

In November, New Jersey residents overwhelmingly voted to legalize marijuana and this followup bill, S-21, has now established rules and regulations for legal cannabis sales in the state.

The Cannabis Advisory Group (C.A.G.) is a diverse group of professionals with expertise in cannabis policy, regulatory compliance, business, social justice, economics, science and medicine that are united in the desire to maximize the context for the legal access to hemp and cannabis, both in adult-use and medicinal markets.

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