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A TV commercial for State Sen. Jon Bramnick. (Image: Bramnick for Senate).

Bramnick TV ad smacks extremists on both sides

GOP senator uses comedy club stage to advocate for balance and civility

By David Wildstein, May 24 2023 9:30 pm

State Sen. Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield), who has developed a reputation for outside-the-box campaign ads, is going up on the air tomorrow with a new cable TV ad pushing back on extremists from the left and the right and touting balance and civility.

The ad features Bramnick, a stand-up comedian, on stage at a Central Jersey comedy club shutting down hecklers from both sides of the ideological spectrum.

“It’s how I feel,” Bramnick told the New Jersey Globe.

Script: “(Rodney Laney) Give it up for Senator Jon Bramnick.  (Bramnick) How’s everybody doing tonight?  (Q Anon Shaman) January 6th never happened.  (Bramnick) Really?  Nothing?  Nothing happened?  ( Left Wing Protestor 1) Defund the police.  (Bramnick) Woah, bad idea.  (Right wing Protestor) Trump won the election.  (Bramnick) Let’s just move on, ok.  (Left wing Protestor 2) Free all the prisoners t](Bramnick) I don’t think so.  (Q Anon Shaman) It was a peaceful protest.  (Right wing Protestor) The election was rigged.  (Left wing Protestor 1) Defund the Police.  (Left wing Protestor 2) Raise everyone’s taxes.  (Bramnick) Please, don’t do that.  Let’s be serious.  It’s time for balance in government.  Let’s start solving problems and stop screaming at each other.  We don’t need extremists running the state of New Jersey, or our national  government.  We want real people, looking for real solutions.”

A former Assembly Minority Leader and potential 2025 gubernatorial candidate, Bramnick faces Democrat Matt Marino in the 21st district.

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