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Bramnick’s new TV ad is a western parody that focuses on his accessibility as a lawmaker

By David Wildstein, July 22 2021 1:18 pm

A new TV ad for Jon Bramnick’s State Senate campaign may be an early favorite for a coveted Reed Award for an unconventional message highlighting his accessibility to his constituents in New Jersey’s 21st legislative district.

The western-themed ad, “Unbelievable” portrays Bramnick as “The Fastest Return Call in Government” and features him as a quick-draw on picking up his cell phone and agreeing to help people solve problems with government.

Bramnick draws on his experiences as a stand-up comedian – he was named New Jersey’s Funniest Lawyer – in a deadpan parody of a western.

But Bramnick’s point is a serious one – that voters want their elected officials to be responsible and accessible.

“We thought my husband might have contracted Covid, so I called Jon,” said one constituent, flanked by her son and daughter.  “He answered on the first ring and told us everything we needed to know.”

The ad was filmed at Wild West City in Sparta.

The Assembly Minority Leader and a 19-year veteran of the legislature, Bramnick is seeking an open State Senate seat in a Union County-based district that includes parts of Somerset and Morris counties.  He’s seeking the seat Tom Kean, Jr. is giving up to focus on his 2022 bid for Congress.

Bramnick faces Democrat Joseph Signorello, the mayor of Roselle Park.

The ad has not yet begun airing and was obtained by the New Jersey Globe.


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