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Lisa Bhimani, left, and Darcy Draeger

Bhimani, Draeger claim Bucco lied about role in helping lake cleanup

Assemblyman says he’s done more for Lake Hopatcong

By Nikita Biryukov, August 01 2019 3:37 pm

Democratic Assembly candidate Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger claimed Assemblyman Anthony Bucco lied about his role in helping Lake Hopatcong residents amidst an algae bloom that continues to keep residents out of the lake.

“This is exactly why people call him ‘Bare Minimum Bucco.’ He’s good enough for a photo-op and a press release, but not much else,” said Daniel Fleiss, Bhimani and Draeger Campaign Manager. “It’s not enough that Anthony Bucco has barely raised a finger to help the residents around Lake Hopatcong, now he’s lying about it too.”

On Tuesday, Bucco and the Morris County Freeholder Board announced they would expand street sweeping and drain inspection and cleaning efforts on county roads around Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest freshwater.

The Democrats further claimed Bucco mischaracterized how much money from a $500,000 Lake Hopatcong Commission funding package would actually go to combating the algae bloom.

Bucco didn’t take the attack lying down.

“If they really want to make this race about who’s done more for Lake Hopatcong, we encourage them, by all means, to do so. We trust 25th district taxpayers will take the word of Lake Hopatcong mayors, officials and business owners over two people who have, and I emphasize this, never lifted a finger for the lake in their lives,” Bucco campaign manager Rob Costello said. “In the meantime, we’ll continue to hold them accountable for their silence on Murphy’s 20+ tax hikes, disastrous budget, and school funding formula that absolutely guts this district.”

Bucco backed up his claim with statements from three Lake Hopatcong Marina owners.

“Anthony has been an incredible advocate for the entire Lake Hopatcong community not only this summer, but his entire career,” said Joseph Leifken, who owns four marinas on the lake. “He’s been my number one resource for any questions of clarifications. Any claims to the contrary are totally false and must be called out for what they are.”

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One thought on “Bhimani, Draeger claim Bucco lied about role in helping lake cleanup

  1. True! Bucco is always the first there for photo opportunities to keep up appearances but very little is actually being done to help. Less time pretentiously promoting himself on social media and more time actually serving the people in LD25 would be helpful. 10+ years in the assembly: Are your taxes any lower? Is your lake any cleaner? Are your roads any better? Transit? Time for a change.

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